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Many people will be more than happy to donate a little extra something for a good cause during the holiday season, especially if they’re getting something in return. You can also organize a textbook sale at the start of the school year. Textbooks are expensive, and this lets you raise funds while also allowing some students to gain access to inexpensive textbooks. Date auctions are fun and light-hearted and can be an excellent way to raise money for your sorority or fraternity. Rally willing participants and have them come up with a variety of dates (e.g. going to the movies, an amusement park, for dancing, or dinner). Yard sales are especially lucrative for clubs and organizations with locally-based supporters.
Don’t get me wrong you will need a few brave men for this event, but they won’t be wearing silk boxers and robes, no, they’ll be wearing women’s clothes. Make it a big event by inviting a few local celebrity judges from within your community. Invite the newspaper, radio and local television stations to host the event – so they will promote it for free in the weeks leading up the event. Ask a dozen guys from the fire department to tap into their feminine sides.
Once you have your prizes, sell raffle tickets for the bingo night. The more tickets a bingo player has, the more likely they’ll be to win the basket of their choice. If you’re struggling with basket ideas, try themes like a spa basket, fruit basket, picnic basket, or coffee basket. Order a few different types of pizza and charge a dollar a slice. Ask some church members to volunteer to bring in plates, cups, and some soda.
Restaurants, shops, and gyms all offer the option of gift vouchers. Local companies will often be happy to donate gift cards as charity raffle prizes, as it will provide potential new clients to them. Also, remember that people like to choose how, when, and what they spend their money on, which is why gift vouchers are a top raffle prize idea. These fundraising events can be a fantastic opportunity for engaging with your younger supporters. Just make sure you put enough time and effort into making it a truly memorable night full of good food, music, and other fun teen-appropriate activities. Charity auctions are popular fundraisers for all sorts of fundraising organizations—including both public and private schools.
For a Throwback Thursday, rent a handful of arcade machines and charge people inflated prices to come and play. Offer arcade-style snacks – hotdogs, fries, nachos – and enjoy a nostalgic night of fundraising. A little friendly competition can raise the profile of an event with cash buy-ins and a cash prize. Sell tickets, snacks, and drinks, combine with one of the raffle events and watch as players gamble away the night for a worthy cause. Score a projector and an open space and you’re well suited to host your own film screening.
Collect your students’ artwork, along with photos of the Sunday school class and pictures of the kids at church, to put together a calendar they will treasure forever. Put up fun posters around the dance hall with your text-to-give number and the web page for your church’s online donations. Attendees can donate during dance breaks, before getting back on the floor. Appeal to the night owls and dancing fools alike by hosting an all-night dance party right in your church’s service hall.
The same black tie dress code, but with a more budget-friendly cost. Low-cost food and decor cut down the need for extravagant expenses whilst maintaining the allure of sophistication. Recognize those rubber charity bracelets found all over the world?
Challenging each other in a sport can put these first responders in the spotlight while providing some local entertainment. Whether Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas , kickball, or soccer, this is an event that the entire neighborhood will enjoy. The children’s calendar can introduce them to their local heroes and the vital work of the fire department. To create a calendar, you must upload your photos onto a website that makes calendars like Shutterfly. If that is the case, collecting change can add up faster than you would expect. There are several ways to collect change from your neighbors without being too pushy.
Historically, Charity Safaris offered hunting trips have raised to $4,500. Raise awareness about fire safety while raising funds for your fire department by organizing a Community Fire Drill Day. Plan a series of fire safety presentations, workshops, and demonstrations by firefighters on various topics such as fire prevention, evacuation drills, first aid, and extinguishers. Charge attendees a fee for participating in the event and offer additional valuable services, such as checking and refilling fire extinguishers, for an additional charge. Kristine Ensor is a freelance writer with over a decade of experience working with local and international nonprofits.