We Make Shoe Drive Fundraising Easy For Our Partners!

A fun and exciting school fundraising idea is to involve the school’s principal and/or teachers in the events. If they’re willing to participate — and have a good sense of humor — your staff can help raise money with these events. For all these ideas, challenge your school to raise a certain amount of money and reward them by doing or wearing something silly or getting students involved in staff roles.
It’s the most direct way to engage with individuals who have already expressed interest in supporting your work. Think about your online audiences and the mission of your fundraising project. Get creative to think of a fun challenge and accompanying hashtag, then start promoting it!
If you are considering doing a pretzel fundraiser, you must read this article. Typically, they have never done a fundraiser before and, chances are, neither have their parents. With crowdfunding, you ask a large group of individuals to chip in a small amount of money to hit your fundraising goal. Compile a list of services, skills, and talents, and have your community members bid on each volunteer. You can run this campaign over a single weekend, or allow each donor and teen to create their own schedule. Encourage donors to leave a “tip” via your virtual donation jar for a job well done.
You could even hold the competition in support of a charity and have a portion of the proceeds go to the cause. Give the children some direction by providing ideas about what they can contribute. Alternatively, have each class come up with an overall theme for their crafts themselves. Simply charge a fee (ex. ¢50) to pull a straw and receive that perk.
Call us, and together, we can match you will the right Christmas fundraising idea. We love supporting high school students with their high school fundraising ideas. At this age, students have usually found a passion for a sport or a club and that’s what they are raising money for. They are closer to the needs of the group they are helping and better understand why they need high school fundraisers in the first place.